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Internet Marketing Service

Website Keywords? SEO? Social Media Marketing? Google Rankings? Viral Video?

Cognoscape simplifies some of the newest trends and technology around Internet Marketing. If you haven’t embraced it yet you will or your competitors will take advantage. There are proven methods to increase your brand and your business.

Search engines are how most people research and look for companies to do business with. But for most small to mid-sized businesses, Internet marketing is just another complex technology problem. How can you keep up with the technologies and learn what you need to know to be successful? Difficult to accomplish when you have a business to run.imarketing

There are three basic questions you need to answer:

  • How can I take the money I spend on newspaper and directory advertising and use it for success online?
  • How can I make Internet marketing work with my cash flow needs?
  • How can I accomplish this without needing a background in Internet marketing?


Cognoscape’s Internet marketing service offers a combination of services, management and training built specifically to meet the needs of small and mid-sized businesses, so you can convert your offline spend to on-line marketing, for a better ROI. SEO, Social Media and Goggle ratings are a proven marketing approach that should be added to your overall marketing plan.

Our Internet marketing service helps you create more sales opportunities for your business. With that in mind, our packages are available on a monthly basis spread out over the year, so you can manage cash flow better.

Internet marketing service includes:

  • Web site design and development: Whether custom or not, get a web site that works better both for prospects and the search engines
  • Search marketing: Drive qualified traffic to you and win more business
  • Local search marketing: Get better results from your online efforts with our local search marketing packages
  • Email marketing: Communicate with your customers and convert more prospects to customers
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