5 fast facts about PCI compliance

We’ve all heard Target’s horror story. Thousands of customers were made vulnerable by a massive data breach in which cardholders’ information was stolen. While Target was maintaining PCI compliance standards, data was still at risk. What does this mean for business owners? To effectively protect your customers, there are a few things you should know about what PCI compliance is and isn’t.

  1. PCI compliance is a necessary and helpful way to protect sensitive information. Legally, if you accept payment cards, you must adhere to strict guidelines for protecting customer data. Your trusted IT experts at Cognoscape can help ensure you remain compliant.
  2. PCI compliance doesn’t guarantee security. Self-audits and regular maintenance of security protocols are essential for protecting customer and employee information. When performing a self-audit, there are a few things you want to check:
    1. How you store and transfer customer financial data (such as credit card numbers).
    2. How your employees are educated and trained on security and data management.
    3. How vendors and suppliers within your network handle the financial data.
  3. PCI compliance can’t be avoided and non-compliance is costly. With the growing rate of cybersecurity related fraud, PCI compliance is more important than ever. Protecting customer data is not only important because non-compliance can result in massive fines, but lost consumer trust from a data breach can make it tough for your business to financially recover. Partnering with a security advisor can help alleviate the costs and headache of non-compliance.
  4. PCI compliance requires effort. We’re not saying it requires a lot of work, but you won’t maintain compliance passively. Using tips can help simplify the process, and if you really want to guarantee you’re following guidelines, we can help.
  5. PCI compliance isn’t going away. Working on compliance is rarely any business owner’s most enjoyable experience. It can be tedious, and it can be scary. The threat of fines or lost revenue from data breaches it the stuff of nightmares. But, in a cybercrime riddled world, it’s essential to protect sensitive cardholder information. PCI compliance isn’t going anywhere, so make sure you know how to appropriately meet guidelines.

Don’t let PCI compliance keep you up at night. At Cognoscape, we have years of experience protecting businesses like yours from non-compliance. Give us a call, and let’s get to work protecting you.