7 Cool Things You Can Do with a Wireless Connection

Wireless is commonplace for both businesses and homes alike. Essentially, it lets you ditch wires and connect to the internet anywhere within your router’s range. This means greater flexibility and freedom, which in turn boosts productivity. While these benefits alone are awesome, there are some other pretty neat things you can do with a solid wireless connection. Here’s are seven of them:

1. Listen to Music

You’re probably thinking, yeah… I can listen to music without wireless. Come on. And you know what? You can. BUT, you can’t listen to music anywhere on just about any device without wireless. With Bluetooth, you can stream your jams through high-quality, portable speakers on a camping trip, a hike, a day at the lake, and pretty much anywhere else.

2. Transfer Photos

While it’s not SUPER time consuming, it can be annoying to put your SD card into your computer’s card reader and wait for your photos to transfer. Even more annoying? When you forget the card in your machine and don’t have a backup on you. Looks like you won’t be capturing awesome sunset pics with your DSLR tonight, after all. Good news, there are now SD cards that have wireless technology built in so you don’t even need to take them out of your camera to transfer those pics, saving time and an “oh crap” moments later.

3. Stream Media

You could have a giant collection of DVDs (that’s a pain to sort through every time you want to watch a movie) and rely on your DVR to keep up with TV shows and hope to the network gods that your DVR box doesn’t run out of space halfway through recording your favorite show. OR, you could get with the 21st century and get a subscription to a streaming service like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime! Once you do that, your super fast wireless will allow you to stream thousands of shows and movies over Wi-Fi to a variety of devices. Score.

4. Boost Security

Wi-Fi can help you boost your at-home or business security. You can set up a basic security camera on a wireless network to detect motion (check out the YawCam app). With an app like Growl, you can set it to send you text or email alerts when it detects motion.

5. Game Without Delays  

Possibly the most obvious thing you can do with crazy fast wireless is getting your online game on. Gamers typically use an ethernet connection to the internet because, in the past, wireless has been slow and unreliable. It’s no fun to be in the middle of a raid or fighting off a group of angry fire elementals and have your connection crap out. Newer routers, with higher transmission speeds, minimize connection loss and let you game on, sans unnecessary interruptions.

6. Monitor Spaces

A wireless security camera isn’t exactly a replacement for in-person child supervision (please, please do not leave your young child unattended). But, you COULD use a wireless security camera to keep an eye on your sleeping baby after you put them to bed. Or to figure out who’s been eating all of those midnight snacks. Your choice.

7. Livestream Yourself

The internet combined with Wi-Fi enabled recording devices has created a boom in live streaming. Today, anyone with a smartphone can live stream themselves doing just about anything. Not to say everyone’s going to want to watch, but they might! 81% of people watched more live video in 2016 than 2015, and that number is continuing to climb. Live streaming is also a great move for companies, as 82% of people would rather watch a live video from a brand than scroll through their social posts. Looks like live video is here to stay.

If you’re interested in learning how to optimize your company’s wireless connectivity, give us a shout. We’d be happy to show you how updating your wireless solution can boost your organization’s speed, freedom, and flexibility.