Arming Your Hunting Dog with the Coolest Tech Gadgets

Are you ready for the hunt? Is your partner your hunting dog? There are traits every champion hunting dog should possess before he steps out on the field. But if you are ready to take you best pal to the next level, you should arm him with some of the coolest tech gadgets.

Love of Fetch

Finding the perfect hunting dog that possesses a keen sense of playing fetch is a number one trait! He should have an instinctive nature to chase the scent of game, but with the electronic handheld wind meter Wind Wizard II, you’ll be able to detect wind speed at a great value and help your dog accurately determine his trajectory of pursuit.

Great Nose

Every great champ needs to be able to sniff out his prize. If you’re looking to gain the upper hand over the game, look no further. Ozonics Hunting machine is a silent fan that circulates oxygen molecules into ozone molecules. This nifty tech gadget can be used next to a treestand or ground blind and covers the scent of you and your pup.


A winning dog is one who is the most disciplined. Do your buddy a favor and get him an odorless gas cartridge repellant. This simple tech gadget will keep mosquitoes and other flying insects away so he can focus on the hunt.

Genetically Gifted

Those who got the juice are born with the juice. The tech gadget, Garmin Astro, will help you stay connected to your hunting dog 24/7. The transmitter collar allows him freedom of tuning in to his naturally gifted talents while you track where he is running, sitting, or treeing a bird.

Water Lover

Perfect hunting dogs are not afraid of water or of gun shots. The Contour HD video camera is waterproof and rugged, and it fits snuggly behind the neck of your dog. This will help you watch what he was able to see the moment after take off.


Your hunting dog is ready to go at the snap of a twig and has a thirst to catch his prey. Make his job that much easier with the Swann Outback Cam that straps to a tree and captures both video and photos. He will be able to exert his energy positively and more efficiently.

Having second thoughts if your canine is up to handle all these technical gadgets? Partner up with some IT experts who will focus on your business while you focus on helping your hunting dog.