We specialize in professional service companies, whose data is critical to their business and who also realize it’s vital for the longevity of the company.

While understanding compliance with industry standards and regulations, Cognoscape provides business technology solutions specific to your requirements for businesses in HealthCare, Legal, Accounting, Manufacturing or other companies looking for an advantage through technology.


Matching technology requirements to your business for the purpose of becoming a better company or firm is how we view our role as your technology partner. Our business technology solutions typically include a period of “quieting the noise” where we are upgrading and transforming your technical environment into a smooth running system. Shortly after, we attack the prospect of how we can utilize technology to streamline your business process and make you better lawyers, doctors, accountants, executives, etc.

With the latest in Cloud Computing, it’s now possible to offer Enterprise Class business technology solutions that were not previously available to Small and Medium business. They were too expensive, too costly to maintain in house and too difficult to use. This new shift in business technology solutions now makes these products cost effective while gaining a major boost in productivity.