How Cloud Backup Can Keep Your Business Data Secure

Data backup used to be a lot more difficult than it is now. Remember the days of floppy disks? Fortunately, the system eventually made its way to CDs and then external hard drives, but it is even easier than that. Did you ever wonder what would happen in the disks got into the wrong hands or they burned up in a fire? You do not have to worry about any of that with a cloud backup; it is safe, secure, and not as risk for catching on fire. Discover the many ways a cloud backup can keep your business data secure. Remember, to benefit from data archiving, you have to actually back up the files. According to a Harris Interactive poll, over 2,250 users admitted to never backing up their computers, and only 7% actually practice safe archiving on a daily basis. What gives? Your computer’s data is definitely not safer just sitting around it he computer. You put your credit card back in your wallet every time you use it, so why not tuck your essential data away too. Discover how cloud backup can keep your business data secure.

  • Backup features are automatic and recovery is swift. This makes it easier for a user to recover critical data at any given moment and from any location. If human error, natural disaster, or an electrical outage cause a user to lose his/her data, everything the user needs will be stored in the cloud.
  • Access is only granted to permitted users, and the host can revoke cloud privileges at any time.
  • Some services encrypt files on the PC before they are uploaded with a SSL connection. The files will remain encrypted until the user(s) need to access them again.
  • Files are inaccessible unless the key can unlock the encryption algorithm.
  • The cloud services allow the users to create their own password or keys to access the files, so if the password is incorrect, the encryption process will make the data inaccessible to outsiders.
  • There is also a physical protection when a business uses a cloud-based backup system. Not only are your documents are data subjected to online activity and theft, but they are also susceptible to burglary and fire.       If the files are not backed up or company hardware is stolen, data can be destroyed or accessed by thieves with sinister intentions.
  • Some services permit access only with facial recognition.

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