CompTIA Report on Security features Cognoscape

IT departments are struggling to build a sound security practice against the ongoing threats and hazards that are attacking IT channels. Companies from diverse backgrounds are just beginning to understand the benefits of IT security. A CompTIA report by author Seth Robinson, senior director for technology analysis, identifies several key takeaways for partner firms trying to build robust security practices.

  • There are channel companies who now offering more security services in their portfolios while others are focusing their business solely on security.
  • Channel firms reported that the security technologies and services that generate the most revenue are firewalls (38%) and antivirus (20%) – going forward that’s got to change.
  • Channel companies need to become more proactive with security when working with their customers. Conversations about the cost and return on investment of security are going to start taking place.
  • Partner firms need to take initiative in building their own company brand and breaking out as an individual entities rather than relying on the reputation of more commonly known security vendors.

The CompTIA report highlighted Cognoscape LLC’s ability to combine their technology processes and education in order to protect their partners digital assets. Cognoscape focuses on small and medium sized business and offers basic layers of security services – backup and disaster recovery, antivirus, antimalware, antispam and patch management. However, they also offer a more strenuous, advanced level of active monitoring services like network policy management and risk mitigation, and they are in the process of developing security information and event management as a service. Cognoscape is lighting the path for partners who aren’t taking the right precautionary measures in security technology and service practices.

According to the CompTIA report, there is a discrepancy between channel companies and the services provided. CompTIA states that only about one-third of partner firms balance vendor reputation and value added services, with 1 in 10 partners primarily relying on the strength of their own services or innovation. This lack of communication leaves room for worry. At the end of the report, ESG analyst Kevin Rhone said that he views security as one of the biggest transformative trends for partners.