Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

How do you give thanks during the holiday months?

November is the month when we spend one day with our families and/or friends, we feast on generations-old dishes, and we post on Facebook all the things for which we are thankful, but we at Cognoscape want to take it further this year. We want every one of our friends, clients, customers, employees and partners to know we are truly thankful for their business and support. Even if customers or business relations have long left our side, we want them to know they matter, too. Without each and every person we work(ed) with, we would not be the company we are today.

There are many ways we can give thanks and do often. Giving thanks can be buying coffee for the person behind you in line, shaking hands with a vet or active duty service member and thanking them for their service, baking a pie for your neighbor, giving your child’s bus driver or teacher a special gift, treating a neighbor or co-worker to dinner, or simply hugging a friend or relative and telling them how much they mean to them. Maybe your mentor is on your mind around the holidays. You can reach out and thank him/her for supporting and inspiring you. For some—including many here at the office—giving thanks includes volunteering around the holidays. Even though we will eat good food and drink good wine, we are aware of the fact that many people do not get that. Cognoscape strives to be a good citizen. Giving thanks can also take the form of writing thank-you letters, and this is ours to you: Thank You.

This is the month that allows Cognoscape to reflect on past experiences—failures and triumphs, present operations, and future goals to determine what it is we want the world to know about us and our brand. What is Cognoscape’s legacy? For what are we admired, whom can we help in the process, and whom do we have to thank for our successes?

Our legacy mindset is your promise. This Thanksgiving, we at Cognoscape—both leaders and employees—are tuning-in to our legacy mindsets to create an environment of transparency, reliability and client-focused attention. Our legacy transforms with each and every experience and interaction we have, and we have you—our clients—to thank for that.

What is our legacy-driven mindset? To us, it is our process of both evaluating and reflecting upon the stages through which we have traveled to get here. We consider our mentors, our employee relationships, our business decisions, our daily interactions with our clients, and the progress we have made thus far to create an environment of trust that we and our customers can be proud of.

With that in mind, we want to reflect on our legacy and take a moment to thank for getting us to this point. Thank you for your support, your dedication, and for the future we hope to share together.