How dependent is your routine on the cloud?

Perhaps you have been accused of living in the clouds while daydreaming. Truthfully, you might already be living in the cloud—the world of cloud computing.

Cloud computing has emerged and evolved subtly in recent years, interacting in your daily life in ways you might not recognize. When shopping for a product or service, it’s unlikely you’re making numerous phone calls to different salespeople to locate the best price for something. Similarly, we don’t often step out to the curb and cross our fingers a passing cab will stop and take us to our destination.

You might already enjoy cloud computing without knowing it. Imagine a day that looks like this:

5:00: The alarm on your cell phone rings. As you turn it off, you scan the notifications on new messages, the weather, and news—all delivered by the apps in the cloud.

6:30: Ready for work, you use your favorite coffee shop’s app to order a triple shot large cappuccino for pick-up.

7:15: Cappuccino in hand, you arrive at your desk and fire up your laptop. Collaboration tools allow you to interact in real-time with remote workers and other offices, when they get in.

8:30: Using video conferencing software, you have a morning meeting with your client and with colleagues.

9:05: Using your company’s preferred document sharing solution, you pull down the action plans your team is working on to flesh out some ideas you covered in the meeting.

11:15: You use your local restaurant app to reserve a table for lunch.

12:30: After lunch, but before you’re back on the clock, you set your favorite show tonight to record since you’ve decided to go to a sporting event with friends.

4:30: You save the document you’re working on to open it later tonight on your tablet to reorganize some parts in the second and third sections to punch it up a bit.

5:00: You visit a ticket broker website to see if you can find inexpensive tickets to tonight’s sporting event. You can, and you order them.

5:25: You hit the grocery store for a couple necessities on the way home, and you use your mobile phone to pay.

7:30: Thanks to a social media app, you’ve found your friends and have rounded them up for the sporting event.

10:30: After the sporting event—and a couple of drinks—you use an app to summon a car to take you home.

11:00: You review the document you wanted to work on tonight and decide instead to work on it first thing in the morning.

Throughout the day, you use websites and mobile applications that reside in the cloud. If you already have appliances or home systems—such as your thermostat—connected to the cloud, you have even more cloud exposure than most people do. This itinerary would have seemed like science fiction just a few short years ago. As cloud computing evolves, its impact on our daily lives will make tomorrow seem like today’s science fiction.