News Involving Cognoscape

Cognoscape has the unique ability to service our customers in two essential technology areas. First, we have an industry leading method that focuses on business continuity or uptime. This helps our customers focus on the business at hand, which is running their business in a smooth and efficient manner. Downtime is simply unacceptable. Secondly, we provide the added value of transforming our customers into companies that utilize their technology as an asset. This allows them to gain a completive advantage in their marketplace and to become more proficient at what they do. By utilizing the latest technologies in Cloud Computing we are able to provide enterprise class solutions and applications to Small and Medium Business. We specialize in professional service companies, whose data is critical to their business and who also realize it’s vital for the longevity of the company. While understanding compliance with industry standards and regulations, Cognoscape provides solutions specific to your requirements for businesses in HealthCare, Legal, Accounting, Manufacturing or other companies looking for an advantage through technology.

What our customers say about us

““ … not only do we feel better about our data security situation but the use of newer technology allows our lawyers to focus more on our business and our clients.””

Thomas Goranson, Managing Partner for GoransonBain““

… was able to respond immediately, diagnose quickly and provide a solution for us.””

Debbie Sholk-Sousa, Principal