The Benefit of Managed Cloud Migration for SMBs

, The Benefit of Managed Cloud Migration for SMBs

Many SMBs today are turning to cloud- based services and virtualized backup solutions as a means to mitigate downtime and recover from network failures and outages. Virtualization and cloud computing have enabled cost- efficient improved business continuity by allowing entire servers to be grouped into one software bundle or virtual server – this includes all data, operating systems, applications, and patches. This simplifies the backup process and allows for quick data restoration when needed. But migrating to the cloud or a virtualization infrastructure must also be handled with care as these new technologies still pose significant risk.

While virtual resources and hosted services reduce overall business technology expenses and improve availability, “managed cloud migration” allows for a gradual integration of a company or organization’s IT infrastructure and virtual data center to the cloud. This can alleviate many of the security and privacy fears that come with moving to a shared space while offering a more varied approach to recovery processes with more customization and control.