Managed Services: The Future of IT

As the economy and technology evolves, so do the businesses that drive them.  It should not come as a shock to anyone that the next step in IT is actually not having someone on staff, but rather having managed services take care of it for a company.
It almost goes without saying that it would be extremely difficult for a business to hire their first internal IT tech.  Once you’ve finished coming up with exactly what you think they would need to do to help your company, you would then have to go through the arduous hiring process.  Once they have been hired, you would have to pay that one person a significant amount of money, worry about their health insurance, and somehow track their work progress, which most startups either don’t know how to do, or just don’t have the time to.  With IT becoming so critical to businesses today, it wouldn’t make sense for each startup to go through that process. If every business took on an IT person for themselves, the supply in the market would decrease at such a rate that the cost to hire would skyrocket.
Managed services provide a company with a full team of trained technicians and staff that know exactly what they’re doing… and at a fraction of the cost of what a full time employee would be.  Instead of just getting one mind with a few years experience, you’re getting an skilled group of individuals who have experience with not only businesses like yours, but all of the potential problems that could come along and haunt your business as well.
A lot of times, managed services will start by creating a roadmap for their business client, outlining each of the areas which would need to be covered and used by them to aid in your success.  Think about that, hiring just one expensive staffer is a crapshoot as to whether or not they would know what they’re doing… and it would take an extreme amount of time for most business owners to learn what they need and monitor this new staffer on their own.
From there, managed services work with and maintain all the crucial IT pieces that bring a business the success that they need.   They are just as accessible as calling up the one staffer that you might have hired who sits in your office all day waiting for a potential issue to arise.
With the wealth of knowledge and experience they bring coupled with significant Money, time and stress saved, it seems like a natural progression that managed services would be the future of IT.
And for exactly why we said, as we look to the future of IT, it would make sense that more and more companies would stray away from having their own staff handle IT,  the future truly is managed services.