How Much Is Your Network Security Actually at Risk?

Over the past year, we have heard more about hacking and hackers than ever before.  Thanks to the 2016 Presidential election, we realized that anyone and everyone can be hacked.  From the discussion of security with Hillary Clinton’s personal email servers, to the Democratic National Committee being hacked by Russians (or a 400 lb hacker) network security has been at the forefront of our national discussion… but what exactly does that mean for your business?
It’s easy to watch TV and blow off the fact that other people are being hacked, but when you realize that we are talking about some of the most secure networks and systems in the world you’ll quickly see that your network security is at an extremely high risk.
According to  CNN Tech, 47 percent of all adults in America were hacked in 2014.  Yes, 47 percent!  Since that time, technology has changed a little, but there has been exponential growth in the hacking community.  More and more hackers means more and more challenges for them to crack.
Who can forget the celebrity photo hacking from Apple’s iCloud.  Keep in mind that Apple is one of the most technologically advanced organizations in the world.  Heck, they even create a lot of the encryption and software that is used to protect us from hacking.  So when they were hacked, it was a bad sign.  All they could do to stop the hacking at the time was release a statement on how bad it was.
“When we learned of the theft, we were outraged and immediately mobilized Apple’s engineers to discover the source,” Apple said.
It’s good to know that Apple got to work and improved their technology, but don’t think that hackers haven’t improved theirs as well.  It’s a game for hackers to try to break into bigger named businesses and secure areas that they have never been before and so they will do anything to get in.
So what does this mean for you?  Think about it this way:  Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and Apple represent some of the most powerful and technologically advanced IT systems on the planet… and they were hacked.  Think about how easily then your network security could be breached.
Also think about the target on your company’s back that has been placed there by hackers.  Your business is growing and as such, getting more and more recognition in not only your community, but the world.  The larger your business gets and the more attention that it garners, the better chance that a hacker will target you, just “for the challenge of it.”
So yes, your network security is seriously at risk.   But that doesn’t mean that you’re a sitting duck.  You just need the help of a quality IT service provider to help you protect yourself from potential threats.  A good service provider is up to date on all the latest technology, software and even hacking techniques that will help protect your business from outside threats and potential breaches in your security.  And even if your security is breached, the service provider will have a plan in place to restore and recover your system so that it will have minimal, if any, impact on your business.
Summary:  Hacking has been at the forefront of the news cycle over the past few years.  From the Democratic National Committee to Apple and celebrity photos, it seems like no network is safe.  Your network is definitely at risk, but if you hire a quality IT service provider, you can rest easy knowing that your business either will be protected by hackers or wouldn’t be affected if they breach your network.