Security Precautions During a Zombie Apocalypse

Why would a company take the time to develop security measures for a zombie apocalypse? Because it’s not about IF it happens, but WHEN it happens. No one likes to think about the end. But those who survive are the ones that came prepared. Implementing security throughout your business might seem slightly daunting, but don’t let others misinterpret your mindfulness with paranoia. Take our advice – here are a few security precautions to implement to prepare for a zombie apocalypse.

Zombie Security

Protect Sensitive Data

The zombies will break into your business and end up eating everything or everyone. This means you need to ensure that your data is secured outside of your enterprise You must conceal your most valued information. If you have financial records, employee identification information, and financial accounts that are securely stored, then you ensure a dedicated line of protection is in place.

Secure Server Rooms

Lock yourself in your server room if the zombies are coming, and there is no where else to run. Head for the room with the highest levels of security. Your server room should have a login for those who enter and exits the room. With a dedicated surveillance camera to keep visual sights on those monsters, you should be safe – for now.  
Security measures need to be taken seriously unless you want your business to be infiltrated. The very best IT organizations report spending 6-8% of their budget on security. That is going to have to double in the short-term to counter the threat of the surveillance state, just to account for the deployment and management of encryption everywhere. If you need help planning for a zombie attack or a cyber attack, allow us to help you protect your network from breaches. Who are you going to call? Cognoscape!