The Similarities Between Hunting and Cybersecurity

We know what you’re thinking. What similarities exist between hunting and cybersecurity?” As an organization focused on cybersecurity who just happens to know a lot of very avid hunters, we’re here to tell you that the two are incredibly similar in many ways.

The first similarity between hunting and cyber security is that to be good at both, you’re going to need a map. In hunting, you’ll use a map to get you to the perfect place to find deer, ducks, or whatever game you may be looking for. From there, you’ll need a plan as to what exactly to do once you get there.

It’s the same in cybersecurity. When looking at your network and how it functions for your business, you’ll need a specified road map, one that outlines exactly where all the trouble spots may or may not be and exactly what to do with those areas.

The second similarity between hunting and cybersecurity is that both are “hurry up and wait” scenarios. When you go on a hunt, you prepare as much as possible for the moment when you need to fire on your prey. It takes hours of preparation including the finding right tools and location in addition to studying what you may be up against. Finally, after all those hours of preparation, you go into the field and wait… sometimes hours for your prey to finally come along so that you can take your shot. Cybersecurity is the exact same thing.

In cybersecurity, you or your managed service provider study the lay of the land with your systems and networks and prepare all the proper tools, find the right location and build up a lot of knowledge to know what you might be up against. All of this is done so that you can be prepared for when something bad may or may not come alone. Whether it be a hacker, a virus, or any other potential threat, cybersecurity, like hunting, is a get prepared, hurry up and wait game.

The third and final similarity between hunting and cybersecurity is both require a lot of experience and training to become proficient. In hunting, you can prepare and have the right equipment, but still miss your prey. It takes practice and real world experience to be good at hunting. The same is true of cybersecurity.

We at Cognoscape have years upon years of the training and experience necessary to protect your company from any potential cybersecurity threats. We have seen it all throughout our years of working in the community and know how to be perfectly on target when your business comes under attack. Trust us with your cybersecurity needs.