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4 reasons to choose a business-grade file sharing service for your team

At this point, file sharing has become a bit of a necessity for businesses. It doesn’t matter how large or small the business is; every company has some relative need to share files between employees, partners, and clients.

This being said, not every file-sharing service is creating equal.

Many are considered “consumer-grade” and pose potential risks for companies (especially those companies working with sensitive information). Because of this, it’s important to track down a business-grade, file-sharing service that can provide your team with all the benefits of a consumer-grade service — but with none of the risks.  

Here are four reasons to shoot for a business-grade file-sharing solution.

Access files from anywhere

Anywhere, anytime access is a huge benefit of file sharing. With the ability to access files no matter where you are or what you’re doing, your business stands to benefit from greater productivity and, as a result, a larger competitive edge.

But productivity isn’t the only perk.

Since you aren’t limited by the equipment sitting on your desk at the office, you can customize the way you work — in other words, you can seamlessly jump from phone to tablet to laptop. And ultimately, this will only help your team achieve an even greater level of efficiency.

However, with all this jumping, it’s important to maintain privacy, security, and some sense of control. And with a file-sharing service like CognoSYNC, this is more than possible; it’s automatic.  

Share files securely

Jumping isn’t the only thing file-sharing services specialize in. They also allow you to share files — hence the term, file-sharing services.

But that much is obvious. However, what might not be as obvious is the difference between a consumer-grade solution and a business-grade solution like CognoSYNC.

A solution designed for businesses should allow you to do things like track downloads and set expiration dates on shared files. Because of this, you’ll have greater visibility into what’s going on inside your company. You’ll always have the ability to check who accesses what and when — which is a feature every business can benefit from.

Control your data

For business-grade solutions, this control should go above and beyond knowing who accesses what and when.

For example, CognoSYNC goes a step further by allowing you to track all user activity — whether that activity involves an edited, added, or deleted document.

This type of solution also gives you the ability to restore a document to an older version or to restore a document deleted too soon. For any company (especially companies heavily involved in collaboration), this feature is a critical one. It can mean the difference between two minutes of wasted manhours or two days of wasted manhours.  

Collaborate with ease

Sending and receiving files doesn’t guarantee collaboration. Sure, it makes things easier — but what happens if these files aren’t updated in real time? At this point, everyone would be working from different versions of the same files … resulting in double the work and a whole lot of confusion.

Again, with a business-grade solution like CognoSYNC, files are updated in real time. Your team can collaborate inside of Team Share and receive instant access to the most up-to-date versions of files. Ultimately, this will keep everyone on the same page and communicating with ease.

If you’re looking for a business-grade file-sharing service for your business, take a look at CognoSync or give us a call today. We’d love to talk.