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The Top 4 Ways You Can Benefit From Managed Services

Choosing to switch to a Managed service provider, or MSP, may seem like a scary move to businesses. Having an IT professional in house seems like the most comfortable option. They are there all the time, so you can see them!

Here at Cognoscape, our Dallas managed services solutions go well beyond the scope of IT management. They play a significant role in maximizing your productivity, minimizing your costs allowing you to redistribute resources and grow your company.


Financial Implications of Managed Services Providers

First, let’s take a look at numbers. Each individual employee you hire in house must be paid a salary and be trained. On top of that, they are given benefits and need their time out of the office for vacations, holidays and unexpected illness. Each person has a limited amount of knowledge they can bring to the table. When you make the move to a managed service provider you will have an entire team of IT professionals with expertise and a variety of IT backgrounds.


Maintaining Control Over Your Company Technology With Managed Services

Many business owners would prefer to have complete control over their IT so that they know exactly what they are needing, using and spending. Luckily, managed service providers allow business owners to keep control over their IT by allowing them to pick and choose exactly what they want their MSP to handle for them.


Stay Focused on Your Business Operations With Managed Services – Not the IT

If your business is smaller in size you may not have developed an in house team of IT professionals. As a small business owner, you and your employees likely wear many hats. Balancing IT needs while keeping up with daily tasks is burdensome, which is why using a managed service provider is ideal for small businesses. For a fraction of what it would cost to hire IT professionals you will have peace of mind and be able to focus on what you do best!


Reduce Downtime With Managed Services

Most business owners would agree that while technology is necessary, it is constantly breaking! These unexpected delays and expenses are a headache to deal with and soak up time and money. Not only do these unforeseen problems cost money and time, but they can overwhelm staff. IT hardware and applications can be complicated and fickle. By passing on that burden to a managed service provider you will be able to get back to business as usual without the stress!

It not very often that businesses are able to proactively maintain their IT systems because they are tasked with their own daily responsibilities. Often, IT is not made a priority until sometimes happens and systems are down. Managed service providers are able to consistently update and maintain their systems, which prevents major problems and down time.

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