How Technology Makes For Safe Smartguns

There is a great divide when it comes to guns. After the devastating Newtown massacre that left 20 elementary students dead, the debate over gun control became heated, with a call for more safety. Gun enthusiasts argue that firearms are safe when the owner is properly trained, while those opposed feel we need stricter laws. Whether you’re anti-gun or a card carrying member of the NRA, there is one thing everyone can agree on: guns in the wrong hands make them exponentially more dangerous. It could be a child or criminal that makes the gun turn even more deadly because of lack of experience and malicious intentions, respectively. Smartguns may be the answer to increased firearm safety.

About Smartguns

The idea behind Smartgun technology is that the gun will only be able to fire if it is in the hands of the registered user. We’ve seen this innovation in movies, but the truth is that this technology exists. Grip pattern detection and biometrics can discern whether the person firing the gun is the registered owner, who are the only ones able to fire it.

An Irish company, TriggerSmart, has already patented a smartgun that has been deemed childproof. This weapon has a component on it that works in conjunction with a “safe zone” feature, created to be set up in schools. A force field is activated that disables any TriggerSmart gun that enters that safe zone. The founder of the company has been having difficulty getting people to buy into this idea.

More About Smartgun Technology

Since around 2000, New Jersey Institute of Technology has been one of the earliest developers of smartgun technology. They use Dynamic Grip Recognition, made up of 32 sensors in the grip. Much like voice recognition technology, the grip is trained to recognize a specific persons holding pattern profile, so it can decipher between users who are authorized or unauthorized to use the weapon.

The Debate

While the idea is well intentioned, smart guns have been met with much opposition. Owners who have guns in their home for self-defense argue that smartguns are not sufficient for protection. Experts on fingerprint readers and the like are well aware that these devices, built for convenience are not reliable enough to bet your life on their ability to work 100% of the time.

The technology, which involves a computer chip that is supposed to read a palm print, radio wave or other form of identification is having difficulty being made. When the gun is being used in an area close to gasses, gunpowder explosions and lead particles, there will be interference affecting how accurate the smartgun will work. There has also been the idea brought up that if the guns get too smart, could they get hacked into? Since the technology is not completely reliable, it has not been recommended yet for law enforcement, but rallied for in home use. Time will tell if we start to get smarter guns.

5 Critical Technologies To Keep Your Business Running During the Zombie Apocalypse

It’s no secret that zombies have taken over the entertainment world in the past few years, thanks to The Walking Dead. You don’t have to be a fan of the show to appreciate zombies, since they have been a fascination of humans since the B.C. era. The question is: when the apocalypse happens, will you be ready? Everyone will be running for food and water, but how will you protect your business from the invasion of these flesh-eating monsters? Here are 5 critical technologies your business needs to stay afloat during the zombie apocalypse.


  1. Cloud Storage

Storing your company’s important data on hard drives, CDs and flash drives may seem secure, but it won’t hold up when zombies are tearing your space apart looking for brains to munch on. Storing your data in the cloud is much safer because it is not on the premises and you will be able to access the information from anywhere that retains Internet connection during the crisis. If employees need to access the data, they can do it without leaving the house and risking their lives.


  1. Nusura Simulation Deck

Just because you’re stuck in the apocalypse doesn’t mean you have to get behind on your social media updates. Created by a former FEMA deputy public affairs officer, the Nusura Simulation Deck app, simulates social media reactions to emergency announcements and posts them on your behalf. This way, there isn’t the pressure of Tweeting the wrong content in your state of panic, making your company look silly and unprofessional. The app emulates the most popular social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.


  1. Cognoscape’s Wifi Service

Cognoscape takes the time to build your business a custom wifi solution to meet your everyday needs, so you’re not over-paying and getting exactly what your business requires to be efficient. The company provides excellent customer service to diagnose any problems that arise. This is an important service to have when the zombies strike for a couple reasons . First, wifi will allow you to stay online when they destroy the tangible connections. Second, Cognoscape can be there to help you get through the disaster with their excellent service skills.


  1. Asset Tracking Solution

The zombie apocalypse will no doubt cause mass confusion and chaos. In the midst of this, your business can be turned completely upside-down and all your important equipment and tools will get lost. An asset tracking solution will keep track of everything important and allow you to find it instantly. You’re already going to be in a panic, no need to make it worse.


  1. BoostTurbine 4000 Portable Charger

When you’re worrying about saving yourself from bloody monsters, chances are you will forget to charge your important mobile devices. It may be difficult to find a plug-in during this difficult time, so you need a battery backup pack to help you out. The BoostTurbine 4000 has a hand crank turbine power generator and a rechargeable lithium battery, with a USB port to charge your tablets and phones. Four minutes of cranking gets you enough power to talk for a minute or send a few texts, in dire emergencies when the lithium battery has died.

Keeping Sensitive Data Safe

Free Network and Technology Assessment

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