virtual reality

Where is Virtual Reality in Terms of Gaming?

Gaming technology is always developing, improving, and expanding – it’s amazing to see the progress it has reached. What’s more amazing is the latest technology sweeping the tech world: virtual reality.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is what it sounds like, a virtual reality. A computer generates an environment that lets you virtually immerse yourself into different realities. That’s the beauty of it – you can transport yourself to any three-dimensional interface. This combination of hardware, software, and sensory synchronicity helps create the detailed realism that users enjoy.

How do you use it? VR consists of a screen inside a headset which is then fit around your head and eyes. This visually separates anything else you could be viewing so that you focus solely on this new, virtual world. The image you’re looking at is in stereoscopic 3D, and the detail is amazing. This technology is currently implemented in various fields, such as architecture, the arts, sports, in medicine where it allow students to view hospital ER scenes before they have to do the real thing, in tourism where you can travel to the world’s various wonders, and, most popularly, in entertainment and gaming.

Virtual Reality in Gaming

At first, VR equipment used to be exclusive and expensive, but now, gadgets such as the Samsung Gear VR are becoming more common and revolutionizing gaming. This Samsung device allows you to attach a compatible Galaxy smartphone to its portable and wireless headset. From there, your adventure begins. You can dive into the 360 degrees action-packed world of whichever game you choose, including Minecraft, EVE: Gunjack, or any other game you wish to buy – it’s all available!

Has gaming technology ever been this entertaining?

What This Means For the Future

When it comes to IT support, this marks the beginning of virtual reality hardware and software coming together. The development of this technology will only continue to grow as programmers try to find ways to also incorporate and amplify audio, smell, and touch. Even though it might take a while until VR provides a full-body experience, it’s definitely making advances to get there. Virtual reality has changed, and will continue to change, the way that the world interacts with digital technology, and IT support providers need to stay in the loop to see where this goes. That’s what Cognoscape is doing. We’ll love to talk about it.