Zombie Apocalypse Prep, Part II: Utilizing IT Tech in Survival

It’s happened. Your worst fears have come true – the dead are reanimating, and they have one thing on their rotten minds: having you for their next meal. The world as you know it is gone. Power is out everywhere. You’ve managed to survive so far by sealing yourself and your team up in your office.

But there are loved ones out there you and your people must reach. Your office barricades are effective but weakening. Also, your food and water supplies scavenged from within the office are growing thin. You and your group MUST leave the office and brave the streets. What will you do? Here are a few tips on how you can utilize your now non-functional IT tech to prepare yourself for the journey.

Use Your IT Tech – Flat Screens Make Reasonable Shields

While you have hardly returned to the age of chivalry, the idea of a shield does sound appealing when faced with the alternative of the undead chomping into a bare arm. Remove the stand and the cord (but save it for later) and punch two holes within the screen all the way through the back. Use duct tape or cloth to strap the screen to your non-dominant arm. Now, when a creeper tries to maul you, you can give it a face full of flat screen to gnaw at while you use the weapon in your other hand to finish it off.

Routers Are a Great Diversion/Melee Weapon Combo

Before you and your team head out on your journey, grab a router or two and throw them in your bag. If you find yourself with a herd of walkers blocking your only path, pull one out and snap off the antenna (if it features one). Then, hurl it well off to the side. Thrown routers tend to make an enormous amount of noise when the hard plastic shell hits the pavement. The creeps will hear it and start shambling toward it, and away from your escape route. Also, if one of them happens to see you as you pass by, use that antenna to ventilate his noggin, then scramble away to safety.

Cognoscape’s Zombie Apocalypse Prep Series Will Continue

Who knows when or if it will ever happen? But when it does – and if it happens during work hours – you’ll know what to do, thanks to your Cognoscape survival training. In the meantime, why don’t you stock up on the latest defense and weaponry items the IT tech world has to offer? Talk to Cognoscape, and we’ll devise you a plan . . . but it will probably be an IT support plan, as it’s the best way to bide our time . . . until . . .